Another Spring favorite: the crocus! Sometimes they cover lawns completely with blue, yellow, white and purple flowers, giving an almost hallucinatory effect. Now, after an early Spring, they are almost finished. My favorite place is Lange Voorhout in The Hague (The Netherlands), where millions of Crocus flowers welcome you, surprising all tourists with a beautiful show. Did you know more as 500 crocus species exist? And many more cultivars? Coming from Latvia, Mr. Janis Ruksans knows them all and is the crocus expert. Not only does he have a nursery specialized in these amazing flowers, he is publicizes, photographs and writes about these wonderful Spring flowers.  He has written a wonderful book about Crocus, mentioning not only all these different species, but tells you how to grow them and where you can find them in the wild.  If you are interested, buy his amazing book ‘The world of Crocuses’ (ISBN  978-9934-19-125-1).


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