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  • The Villas and Gardens of Rome and the Latium 2020

    26 May 2020 - 31 May 2020

    Join us on 26 May 2020 for a 6 day tour of  Italian Renaissance gardens around Rome.  Towards the end of May the climate will be perfect and all the gardens that we plan to visit will be in exemplary order !

    6 Days
    5 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • Discovering Orchids & Flowers in the Wild – A Botanical Expedition

    Inspired by famous plant hunters of the past, we are organizing a botanical expedition to Greece in Spring 2020 to discover orchids and flowers growing in the wild.  Places on this all-inclusive tour are limited to 12.  If a botanical adventure is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, then this is the tour for you !
    10 Days
    9 Nights
  • Garden Cruise to New Zealand & Australia – 2020

    Australia, Cruises, New Zealand
    05 Nov 2019 - 22 Nov 2020
    This wonderful 18 Day cruise will take you from Auckland (New Zealand) to Sydney (Australia).  You will be travelling in considerable style and comfort aboard Holland America Lines’ first Vista-class cruise ship, the Oosterdam.  At each port of call, we take you to sites of great cultural interest and visit some of the best gardens that each country has to offer.   An unforgettable experience!  To avoid disappointment, early booking is advisable.
    18 Days
    17 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • 14 Day Tour of The Villas & Gardens of the Italian Lakes & Tuscany 2020

    14 May 2020 - 22 May 2020
    Visit 19 exceptional villas & gardens around the Northern Italian Lakes (Como & Maggiore) and Tuscany.  This tour includes city visits to Milan, Florence, Lucca and Sienna and is accompanied by experienced tour leader with botanical knowledge.  Accommodation at excellent 4* Hotels.  
    13 Days
    12 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • Porto, Northern Portugal and Galicia’s Camellia Route 2020

    Portugal, Spain
    07 Mar 2020 - 13 Mar 2020
    The northwestern corner of Iberia is unique – retaining remnants of its Celt-Iberian origins, a wild, rugged coastland and a moist, granitic soil, you'll not be surprised that it’s a perfect place for a garden tour! Our tour blends horticultural interest with the architecture, landscapes, wines, cuisine and 'hotels of standing' of the region, packaged into a busy schedule in order to showcase the very best of all aspects.
    8 Days
    7 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • Grand Italian Garden Tour 2020 – Italian Lakes, Tuscany & Rome/Latium

    14 May 2020 - 31 May 2020
    Visit 27 exceptional Italian villas & gardens with us on this grand tour of the Italian Lakes, Tuscany and Rome.  City visits to Florence, Lucca, Sienna and Rome accompanied by a charming experienced local guide and visiting many lesser known sites of great historical interest.  Luxury Transportation by private coach accompanied by experienced tour leader with botanical knowledge throughout the tour and accommodation at excellent 4* Hotels of an international traveller standard.
    20 Days
    19 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • The Villas & Gardens of Madeira 2020

    30 Mar 2020 - 06 Apr 2020
    Madeira has become an important destination for garden and plant lovers from all over the world.  This 8 day tour starts on 30 March 2020 during which time you will visit 16 exceptional gardens each of which has been hand picked by us to represent the best Madeira has to offer.
    8 Days
    7 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • The Villas & Gardens of the Italian Lakes 2020

    14 May 2020 - 20 May 2020
    This  7 day tour begins in Milan on 14 May 2020.  For centuries the northern Italian lakes have attracted the wealthy and famous.  During our tour we'll visit gardens on the islands of Isola Madre, Isola Bella and travel to the Swiss part of Lake Maggiore to visit the botanical gardens on Isole di Brissago.
    7 Days
    6 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • The Villas and Gardens of Tuscany

    20 May 2020 - 26 May 2020
    Starting on 20 May 2020 this 7 day tour will take you to some of the best Italian Renaissance gardens in Tuscany. We'll visit Florence, Siena and Lucca and savour some fine local Italian cuisine each day during lunch.  This tour starts mid-May – the climate in Tuscany will be perfect and all the gardens that we plan to visit will be in exemplary order !
    7 Days
    6 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • Tulip Gardens: The Keukenhof, Bloemencorso and Private Gardens in the Netherlands 2020

    The Netherlands
    22 Apr 2020 - 28 Apr 2020
    Join us on 22 April 2020 for this 7 day tour when we'll visit the world famous Keukenhof Flower gardens where more than 7 million bulbs will be in flower during our visit !  We'll also see the Bloemencorso Flower Parade where floats of all shapes and sizes are festooned with Spring flowers and paraded with great pride around the local bulb growing area.  What better place is there to visit in Spring than the Netherlands?
    7 Days
    6 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
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