The Portuguese conquered Brazil and the East Indies in the 15th and 16th century. Not only did they bring back immense fortunes to invest in land and buildings but they also brought back seeds and plants. Our tours to Portugal visit many of the country’s most outstanding houses and gardens. In the humid and temperate climate of Northern Portugal we visit gardens which include some of the original specimens of Camelia, Wisteria and Rhododendron brought back from the East and discover how azulejos (tiles) and water were used to create an important oasis away from the scorching summer sun. Portugal and Madeira are visited by many people each year but very few visit its gardens. Join us for an experience to remember !

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    Porto, Northern Portugal and Galicia’s Camellia Route 2020

    Portugal, Spain
    07 Mar 2020 - 13 Mar 2020
    The northwestern corner of Iberia is unique – retaining remnants of its Celt-Iberian origins, a wild, rugged coastland and a moist, granitic soil, you'll not be surprised that it’s a perfect place for a garden tour! Our tour blends horticultural interest with the architecture, landscapes, wines, cuisine and 'hotels of standing' of the region, packaged into a busy schedule in order to showcase the very best of all aspects.
    8 Days
    7 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
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