Our 2023 Garden Tours

There are several factors that can make a garden tour enjoyable and informative. Some things to consider when planning a garden tour include:

Variety: Choose a garden tour which includes a variety of different gardens, each with its own unique character and features. This can help keep the tour interesting and provide a sense of contrast between different styles of gardening.
Expertise: Having knowledgeable guides or speakers on the tour can help provide context and background information on the gardens being visited. This can help to understand and appreciate the history and design of the gardens visited.
Accessibility: It is important to consider the accessibility of the gardens being visited, especially if you have mobility issues.
Comfort: All of the gardens that we visit provide amenities such as restrooms and refreshments and this makes each of our  tours more comfortable and enjoyable for participants.
Safety: We consider the safety of all of tour group participants at all times, especially if the gardens being visited have steep slopes or other hazards.

Overall, a good garden tour should be well-organized and provide a balance of education and enjoyment for participants.  This is why we invite you to travel with us to visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world !

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