The Netherlands

Although Holland is famous for the spring time display of bulbs at the Keukenhof, its less well known for its gardens. We are working hard to change that perception ! With a mix of historic and contemporary private gardens spread throughout this small country we are able to arrange at least ten different multi-day garden tours from spring until the late autumn. Discover Dutch Gardens with us in 2020 !

The flat landscape of the Netherlands is home to many different garden styles which are equal to the most romantic and contemporary of gardens found elsewhere in Europe.

Tour guide Flip van den Elshout says about our garden tours to Holland:

”Because we know so many garden owners in Holland, we know exactly which gardens we have to visit. They are very diverse and you are personally welcomed and informed by the owners. Gardens in Holland can definitely compete with gardens in other countries. Let yourself be surprised with private gardens which will only open their gates for us. And of course, we will visit some nurseries as well!”

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Holland has a great diversity of beautiful gardens:

  • The Keukenhof event held each Spring is the international and independent showcase of Dutch ornamental plants, with emphasis on bulbous flowers.
  • In the show gardens of Nursery In Goede Aarde, you will find all the permanent plants offered by the nursery: an ideal opportunity to see how these plants develop.
  • The Jakobstuin is highly rated by the Dutch Wave experts. Here you will see a personal and fascinating interpretation of this natural style.
  • Around his house and office, Mr. Oudolf has landscaped a beautiful garden with a variety of perennials and ornamental grasses, alternated by a single tree, shrub or topiary hedge. There is no better place to consider a wonderful example of Dutch Wave Gardens!

Some of the garden tours we have already led in the Netherlands are: Spring tours, Bulb Tours, Dutch Wave Tours to the East and to the North of Holland, private garden tours to the areas of Zeeland, Brabant & Limburg in the South.

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