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Spain has a variety of gardens, from formal gardens with geometric designs to more naturalistic gardens featuring native plants. Some notable gardens in Spain include the Generalife in Granada, which features a mix of Moorish and Renaissance elements; the Royal Palace of Madrid’s gardens, which include the Campo del Moro and the Sabatini Gardens; and the Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid, which is a large park with gardens, lakes, and sculptures. Other popular gardens include the Alhambra, Montjuic Castle and the Parc Guell in Barcelona. These gardens often feature a mix of Mediterranean plants, such as olives, cypresses, and lavender, as well as exotic plants brought back from the New World.

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  • Porto, Northern Portugal and Galicia’s Camellia Route 2023

    Gardens in Portugal, Gardens Tours in Spain, Our 2024 Garden Tours, Specialist Tours
    07 Mar 2023 - 13 Mar 2023
    The northwestern corner of Iberia is unique – retaining remnants of its Celt-Iberian origins, a wild, rugged coastland and a moist, granitic soil, you'll not be surprised that it’s a perfect place for a garden tour! Our tour blends horticultural interest with the architecture, landscapes, wines, cuisine and 'hotels of standing' of the region, packaged into a busy schedule in order to showcase the very best of all aspects.
    8 Days
    7 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
  • From Aragon to Andalucia – Follow the Migrating Swallows – 2023

    Gardens Tours in Spain, Our 2024 Garden Tours, Specialist Tours
    07 Nov 2023 - 18 Nov 2023
    From the architectural and artistic treasures of Catalonia, to the spicy, atmospheric flavour of Andalusia, from the modern buzz of Barcelona to the charming typical character of small Spanish villages this fascinating garden journey through eastern Iberia will leave you with a lasting affection for this vast region’s cultural wealth.
    12 Days
    11 Nights
    Easy Garden Tours
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