Gardens in Portugal

Portuguese gardens are a style of garden that originated in Portugal and are characterized by their use of natural materials, such as stone, clay, and water, to create a sense of unity with the surrounding landscape.

Portuguese gardens often feature winding pathways, terraces, and pergolas, as well as a variety of plants and flowers, including citrus trees, olive trees, and palms. Water features, such as fountains and pools, are also common in Portuguese gardens.

In addition to plants and water features, Portuguese gardens may also include other natural elements, such as rocks and stones, as well as man-made elements like statues, mosaics, and tiles. They often have a rustic, natural feel and are designed to be enjoyed casually, rather than in a formal setting.

Portuguese gardens have a long history, with many examples dating back to the medieval period. They have been influenced by a variety of styles, including Moorish and Islamic, and continue to be popular today for their natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

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