Gardens in Hampshire

Hampshire is a county in the South of England and is home to a variety of gardens, including formal gardens, cottage gardens, and public parks.

Formal gardens in Hampshire often feature ornate designs, with carefully manicured lawns, topiaries, and flowerbeds. They may also include water features, such as fountains and ponds, as well as statues and other decorative elements. Examples of formal gardens in Hampshire include Mottisfont Abbey, Hinton Ampner, and Pashley Manor.

Cottage gardens in Hampshire are often smaller and more informal, with a mix of flowers, vegetables, and herbs. They often feature a variety of plants, including roses, foxgloves, and hollyhocks, as well as pathways, seating areas, and rustic elements like old gates and fences. Examples of cottage gardens in Hampshire include Hinton House and The Old Bakery.

Public parks in Hampshire offer a variety of garden styles and often include formal gardens, as well as open green spaces and areas for sports and recreation. Some examples of public parks in Hampshire include Queen Elizabeth Country Park and Lepe Country Park.

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