Earlier than ever but now all over here in the Netherlands:  snowdrops!  This year I loved the Galanthus ‘Compton Court’, a large variety which grows extremely well just about in every garden. Surprisingly, this cultivar is not yet very well known, but you do find them in a lot of gardens in Northern Ireland.  Nowadays we can all source thousands of different cultivars and species. Those which have an usual habit or color, can easily cost hundreds of euros per bulb… just like the new black tulips!


About two weeks ago a Garden Tours group returned from an incredible trip to Yorkshire in the UK where we visited the best snowdrop collections, gardens and graveyards (!) with a group of Galanthofiles!   Yes, that’s what they (we) are called.  The tour was led by Hanneke van Dijk, who having written two books about Galanthus is an absolute expert.   In 2020 we plan to offer a similar tour on our GardenTours.com website.  If you would like more information now, then please contact us by email and you will be the first to receive the brochure for this tour.

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