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Camelias – it’s now or never !

This is the time of the year for one of our favorite flowering shrubs: the Camelia.  These shrubs are from South East Asia where people often use the young leaves..
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The Keukenhof is OPEN !

Yesterday was the official opening of the world famous Keukenhof !  Along with the international press we were invited to join this very special event.  2019 marks the 70th year..
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The Magnolia !

Magnolias are starting to flower here in the Netherlands, about two weeks earlier than they should.  Fortunately we've been spared late frosts, which can easily spoil Magnolia flowers and lead..
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In Holland Spring is Arriving in all its Splendor!

Spring is arriving in all its splendor here in the Netherlands! Precisely one year ago, it was so cold here, we could ice skate over the canals but this year,..
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The Narcissus

It is almost time for the Narcissus! The Narcissus is by far the most common bulb here in the Netherlands. Hundreds of cultivars can be found in Dutch parks or..

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Another Spring Favorite: the Crocus!

Another Spring favorite: the crocus! Sometimes they cover lawns completely with blue, yellow, white and purple flowers, giving an almost hallucinatory effect. Now, after an early Spring, they are almost..

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Galanthus in Spring 2019 – A Review

Earlier than ever but now all over here in the Netherlands:  snowdrops!  This year I loved the Galanthus ‘Compton Court’, a large variety which grows extremely well just about in..

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Spring in the Netherlands ! A Walk to the Local Store…

One of the great things about city living in the Netherlands is being able to experience Spring flowers – even when walking to your local store !  As many of..

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