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Amazing Valencia – Gardens and Modern City Life

Valencia is an amazing city!  Historic buildings sit comfortably with futuristic developments and colorful wall murals provide a backdrop to a vibrant street life.   In the past, the river divided..
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The Flora & Fauna of Costa Rica – An Intense Experience

Over the last couple of years we’ve been fortunate to be able to organize some fabulous tours to Costa Rica. The combination of unspoiled nature, beautiful lodges and amazing gardens..
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Guiness & Gardens

We recently returned from a beautiful tour to Ireland. Around the city Cork and in the District of West Cork we visited some amazing gardens.   Private gardens like Cosheen, Hillside,..
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A Private Visit to Hermannshof Garden – Germany

Last Saturday I was so fortunate to visit the famous Hermannshof garden in Weinheim, Germany once again. As I found out, this garden is not only amazing during Summer and..
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Mallorcan Garden Culture

Last month we had another amazing tour to the Spanish Island of Mallorca. Lots of beautiful gardens to visit! The gardens we viewed were mostly owned by expatriates and we..
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Our Visit to Chois – Greece

While attending a tourism show in Holland, I met George Missetzis. He is the owner of several hotels on the Greek Island of Chios which lies right next to the..
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Some Thoughts on Spring in Holland

After enjoying amazing spring flowers in Greece and Sardinia it’s a good time to reflect on Spring in our own country – Holland.   The moment I most love from our..
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Spring in Crete – A Botanists Delight !

Another one of our recent trips was Crete.  Everyone knows Crete as a beautiful holiday destination. Every year countless thousands of people enjoying the luxurious resorts, the deep blue sea..
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We've been on the road again, this time to check out gardens in Sardinia for one of our upcoming tours.  During our trip we had unexpected meetings with true garden..
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Camelias – it’s now or never !

This is the time of the year for one of our favorite flowering shrubs: the Camelia.  These shrubs are from South East Asia where people often use the young leaves..
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